A demonstration of SVG with interactivity added with vanilla JavaScript to enhance the reading experience. This graphic shows selected major mining companies*. Circle size indicates the relative significance of that company for a particular commodity, with companies ranked according to production of that commodity.

Mousing over a circle highlights the relevant company, commodity and part of the legend in red. A paler red is also used to highlight the rest of the relevant row and column, indicating which other companies are key players in that market, and which other commodities that company is involved in.

In addition, hovering over a company name or commodity also highlights the relevant data, and similarly hovering over one element in the legend highlights those data.

*Company names have been changed to humorous alternatives for data privacy reasons.

" Acme Corporation Auric Enterprises Babylon Inc. Baby It's Coal Outside Burns Industries CHOAM Energy Co. Ltd. Coal Inc. Cyberdyne Systems Davros Metals Engelbert Mining Flamingo Silver Globex Gringotts Kitchen Zinc Love Gold Corp Megadodo Publications Nakatomi Mining Nickel Kidman Parallax Energy Corp. Platinum'n'Nickel Sirius Cybernetics Stark Copper Corp. Tyrell Resources Umbrella SA Wayne Enterprises CoalCoal CopperCu GoldAu IronFe NickelNi PlatinumPt SilverAg ZincZn Active in sector In top 20 companies In top 10 companies In top 5 companies